What Sets Us Apart

Straightening Teeth, Transforming Smiles, and Changing Lives

At A Smile By Design, we know the life-changing power of a great smile.

Every day we enjoy the privilege of seeing the transformation in our patients as they journey from feeling self-conscious about their teeth to sharing beautiful smiles that radiate confidence!

Dr. Daniella Phillis and our team are experienced professionals, and we’ve witnessed these incredible transformations for years. We find it deeply rewarding to give people — individuals who’ve become our friends — smiles that ensure their confident personalities shine!

What’s Different at A Smile By Design?

Our practice combines leading-edge orthodontics with a dedication to personalized service.

Informed Treatment

Starting with the first, complimentary visit, we take time to learn what our patient — or the parent, if we’re seeing a child — expects from treatment. Following the exam, Dr. Phillis designs a treatment plan that addresses the person’s clinical and personal needs.

We walk through the proposal and explain what’s recommended and why, along with treatment options, financials, timelines, and what the patient will have to do.

By encouraging and directly answering questions, we ensure patients and families are able to make informed decisions!

Orthodontics for Aesthetics and Health

Many people regard orthodontics, braces or aligners, in terms of changing their smile. They’re right: We do create incredible smiles that boost people’s self-esteem and confidence!

But there are additional, though less visible, benefits to orthodontic treatment. When teeth are correctly positioned, it’s easier to keep them and the gums healthy and clean through good home oral hygiene practices. This reduces the likelihood of future dental or gum disease.

The process of aligning teeth also improves the bite. Teeth meet properly, which allows food to be thoroughly chewed, and there is lower stress on the neck and facial muscles, as well as the jaw joints.

Our Commitment to You

As a team, Dr. Phillis and our staff are dedicated to maintaining a welcoming and professional environment where you are heard, safe, and treated with respect and compassion. We will always see and care for you as an individual, not “another patient,” and be attentive and responsive to you and your situation.

For us, orthodontics is more than moving teeth and changing smiles. We truly care about you, the person who owns that wonderful smile. We will look forward to your visits as a time to assess the treatment progress and hear what’s new in your life!

Learn More

Have questions about orthodontic treatment? Dr. Phillis and the A Smile By Design team would love to answer them!

Please contact our Durango, Cortez, or Pagosa Springs, CO orthodontic office to schedule a complimentary consultation. No pressure or sales pitch, we promise! Instead, a conversation, exam, and personalized treatment plan to get you to the beautifully healthy, one-of-a-kind smile you desire!

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